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Sep 22, 2019


There is a measles epidemic in Auckland and there have been cases in this area.

Measles is highly infectious.

Symptoms are: fever; running nose and eyes; headaches; rash.

The infectious period is 10 days - starting 5 days before the rash and lasting for 4 days after the rash first appears.

PLEASE NOTE - Vaccinations are in short supply. The Ministry of Health is only supplying General Practitioners with limited numbers of vaccinations and is directing who these vaccinations can go to. This is unfortunately out of our control.

If you suspect you or a family member have measles please make an appointment to see your Doctor as soon as possible. If you have been in contact with someone who has measles please ring the Nurse/PA to check your immunisation record and make an appointment for a booster shot if not fully immunised.

Child vaccinations have been brought forward in most cases to ensure they are fully immunised.

Please advise reception that you suspect measles and please ring when you arrive in the parking lot so that we can let you in through another entrance and avoid passing the infection onto other patients.


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